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The widespread use of wood fiber is inseparable from its advantages

Release date:2017-03-17 Source:

The wood fiber plays an important role in the laying of asphalt pavement, three-dimensional network structure unique securely suctions the asphalt asphalt, prevent leakage and segregation. And has characteristics of strong fiber reinforced asphalt mortar, it can greatly enhance the. In order to improve the high temperature stability of asphalt mixture greatly. Wood fiber is widely used, its advantage is inseparable, generally can be summarized in three points.
A processing produced from wood fiber products, it can reach a good performance of anti corruption, and to this point, one is that it improves the service life, moreover also let it in the use of time, reach better compliance.
Two, in the use of time, can get better stability, the stability of group performance has a very good reflection, in any environment, also can reach the excellent thermal insulation performance and it will reflect, at any temperature, will not make itself by volume expansion or crunch
Three, stable fiber asphalt film. In the high temperature, fiber internal space holding part of the thermal expansion of asphalt, not to be free of asphalt, thus preventing bleeding, improve high temperature stability.

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