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[share] polypropylene fiber usage illustrates the difference between polypropylene and polyester fibers

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You know "that the polypropylene fiber polypropylene fiber and polyester fiber with different"? Changzhou leade new Mstar Technology Ltd today to introduce the content, we hope that through this article, you can use the description of polypropylene fiber and other aspects have certain understanding and the understanding, the following look together related introduction:

 [share] the difference of polypropylene fiber and polypropylene fiber with polyester fiber

Polypropylene fiber can play an important role because the product after special electrostatic and anti UV treatment, the fiber in the concrete mortar without agglomeration and uniform distribution, and have the characteristics of anti UV aging, in order to ensure concrete, can work long time thermal insulation mortar. The chemical properties of polypropylene fiber, the product should pay attention to the amount of usage in use, comply with the following provisions:

1) for anti cracking putty

The 2-3mm long fiber, adding amount of per ton Kanglienizi, polypropylene fiber 0.5-1.0kg. According to the amount of use of longer length or slightly increase the amount of the actual requirements of fiber.

2) for the end of the way (mortar aggregate maximum particle in LMM below)

The 6-12mm long fiber, in principle every kilograms of cement with 3G fiber. Usually the first dry mix after adding water. When the content of cement mortar per cubic meter below 400kg, the minimum amount per cubic with 1.2kg fiber; when the cement content is above 400kg, according to every kilograms of cement, increase 3G fiber demand increase fiber consumption.

3) with concrete structure, and the panel of manufactured goods:

The 19mm long fiber, concrete cement content per cubic in 350kg, the minimum amount per cubic meter with 0.9kg fiber; when the concrete content of cement per cubic is more than 350kg, according to every kilograms of cement of polypropylene fiber, polypropylene fiber and 2G fiber by using the instructions required to improve the fiber content.

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Polyester fiber, polyamide fiber, polyacrylonitrile fiber, polypropylene fiber and synthetic fiber is commonly used in life. A lot of people for polypropylene fiber and polyester fiber is not clear, today we're going to talk to you about the difference between polypropylene fiber and polyester fiber, mainly in two aspects:

A polyester fiber is polyester as the main raw material, add some functional masterbatch, the product density is 136g/cm3, soluble in phenol 14 chlorine ethane, o-chlorophenol as solvent, hygroscopic minimum, acid resistance, high chemical stability and polyamide, and have good light fastness. Polypropylene fiber is a high strength polypropylene monofilament fiber bundle, with addition of simple technology, low price and good performance. To effectively control the concrete or mortar concrete (mortar) micro cracks caused by solid plastic shrinkage, dry shrinkage, temperature changes and other factors, prevent and restrain the formation and development of cracks.

Two, polyester fiber reinforced asphalt concrete pavement for the general effect of the material is 100% modified polyester and polypropylene fiber concrete, as secondary reinforcement material, polypropylene material is 100%, mainly to improve anti cracking impermeability, impact resistance, earthquake resistance, anti freezing effect.

Above is the relevant description of polypropylene fiber and polyester fiber polypropylene fiber using the difference ", believe that the introduction of this article, will also have a new understanding of the future, for the use of polypropylene fibre that can solve problems such as well. Here, we recommend you to learn more about what catgut embedding, do good, how much money, cost, shaping, road fiber and other related information, I hope to help you!

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