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[article] how to measure the quality of wood fiber? What are the functions of wood fiber in the powder?

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The development of many industries in life with polypropylene fiber net is cannot do without, sometimes some obscure factors may lead to a big gap, such as the price of polypropylene fiber, today we have to know "how to detect the quality of the wood fiber wood fiber what role in powder".

 [article] how to detect the quality of the wood fiber wood fiber which has the role in powder

There are several classes of wood fiber including fiber length, density, purity, fiber length from 10um to 2000um. The wood fiber density is about 0.8 - 1.3 g / cm3. Wood fiber is very strong, the fiber surface is also very similar to asbestos, and completely harmless. Quality inspection of wood fiber usually includes the following aspects.

The relative density of wood fiber because the material is light, and the inner part of the water absorbing fiber, dissolved substances, so the determination of relative density when demand by another known relative density of liquid transformation.

PH value: 5g oil immersed fiber weighing, weighing not less than 5min, after removing the oil absorbing fiber quality through, into a small screen made by the filter, filter aperture is 0.5mm, in a shaking machine on the shaker 10min (shake 221 times per minute and 32mm, vibration 147 / min, amplitude 13mm).

Ash content: with residual ash after burning. The 2~3g sample is heated to 590~600 deg.c in wood is not less than 2H time, check the quality of wood fiber to detect the residue quality after cooling.

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1. strong thickening enhancement effect. The wood fiber has strong cross-linking function. Between it and other materials mixed fiber lap like a blanket immediately, the three-dimensional structure of the water or other liquid locked in the meantime, the longer the fiber thickening, the greater the effect.

The structure of 2. viscosity of wood fiber can improve operating performance. When the shear force on the role of its time (such as mixing, scraping, pumping), some liquid will be thrown from the fiber structure in the matrix, resulting in lower viscosity, improve workability. When the shear is stopped, the fiber structure is very quickly and will absorb the moisture back and restore the original viscosity.

3. good liquid force. 100% to the wood fiber itself can absorb 200% of the weight of the liquid, and the structure of self absorption of 2 ~ 6 times liquid.

4. crack resistance. In the curing or drying process of mechanical fiber reinforcement can be reduced.

5. low shrinkage. The dimensional stability of wood fiber is very good, which means that the mixture will not shrink settlement, and improve the wood fiber fiber which has the role of the crack resistance in powder.

6. antisag. Does not appear to fall phenomenon of construction operation and the drying process, which makes a thick plaster can be completed once, even in high temperature conditions, the wood fibers also have very good thermal stability.

7. extended opening hours. Due to the capillary action of fiber structure can be quickly transmitted to the internal water slurry surface and interface, make the slurry system within the uniform distribution of water, can significantly reduce the crust, and the adhesive strength and surface strength is improved obviously, this mechanism is also due to the decrease of tension in the drying process and improved the anti cracking effect.

The above is a simple description about how to detect the quality of the wood fiber wood fiber which has the role of "in powder, we have polypropylene fiber net, Polypropylene fiber net Many other related products, if you are interested, can contact us for more details.

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