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[experts] the advantages of wood fiber, the use of wood fiber in powder materials

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Polyester fiber is the company for the vast number of consumers to provide professional, in addition, for the wood fiber in the application of powder materials, but also has a lot of things, with a look at "the advantages of wood fiber wood fiber in the application of powder materials.

 [] the application of expert use advantage of wood fiber wood fiber in powder material

The wood fiber, no pollution, non-toxic tasteless, non radioactive, on our health is not what harm. Has good thermal insulation, sound insulation, insulation and ventilation properties, has been widely used in the life. What are the characteristics of wood fiber?

1, the wood fiber has excellent flexibility and dispersion, mixing to form three-dimensional network structure, and strengthen the system support and durability, can improve the system stability, strength, compactness and uniformity. Neutral pH value, can improve the corrosion resistance of the system.

2, has a strong anti freeze and heat capacity, when the temperature reaches 150 DEG C to heat a few days; as high as 200 DEG C to heat dozens of hours when more than 220 DEG C; can also heat for hours. So, can play an important role in high temperature.

3, the pre processed pulp (dry and wet materials) the uniformity of intact stability and reduce the contraction and expansion of wood, wood fiber or prefabricated construction use advantage to greatly improve the precision of. To create a higher production value.

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Wood fiber is a kind of multifunctional additive common wood fiber production process, including cutting, neutralization, bleaching, crushing, screening, the quality of our products to guarantee the quality of service for customers. The wood fiber plays an important role in the development process of powder materials in.

Antisag: to ensure good performance of wood fiber does not appear to fall phenomenon in the construction and operation of the drying process, which makes a thick plaster can be completed once, even in high temperature conditions, the wood fibers also have very good thermal stability.

The wood fiber has strong cross-linking function, it is mixed with other materials immediately lap like a blanket of fiber, the three-dimensional structure of the water or other liquids locked in the meantime, the longer the fiber, the greater the thickening effect. To extend the opening hours: due to the capillary action of fiber structure can be quickly transmitted to the internal water slurry surface and interface, make the slurry system within the uniform distribution of water, can significantly reduce skinning and increase the bonding strength and fiber surface of wood fiber significantly improved in the application of strength of powder materials, the mechanism is also due to the decrease of tension in the drying process and improved the anti cracking effect.

Well, on the use of advantages of wood fiber wood fiber in the application of powder materials, today we will first tell here, if you have any questions, or for Polyester The price of polypropylene fiber, and want to know where you can telephone, also can consult our online customer service!

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