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[function] multi method of wood fiber wood fiber pretreatment in powder material in

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A lot of people for the CTF-960 cellulose fiber, our embedding, which do good, how much money costs, such as plastic have some understanding, but also to introduce wood fiber, Xiao Bian today will introduce "function" method of wood fiber wood fiber pretreatment in powder materials. I hope you can help.

 [function] multi method of wood fiber wood fiber pretreatment in powder material in

An important feature is the use of renewable wood fiber, we can preprocess the operation, reuse can achieve energy, reduces production cost. The wood fiber pretreatment is a process of transformation, we usually by several methods to achieve.

Chemical method: using various chemical reagents (including water) of lignocellulose pretreatment methods to improve the efficiency of cellulase hydrolysis. At present, the chemical method is still the main method of cellulose pretreatment process.

Physical method: mainly through the method of physical machinery such as milling and grinding and other traditional processing methods to reduce the fineness, increase the surface area, in addition to ultrasonic irradiation pretreatment methods, to change the structure of cellulose, susceptible to cellulase catalytic purpose.

The physical and chemical method: a combination of chemical and physical and mechanical (suddenly bring pressure relief blasting force) effect will destroy the cell wall structure of raw materials, improve the cellulose accessibility method.

Biological method: commonly used in lignocellulose pretreatment is mainly conducted in nature that can degrade lignin microorganisms, mainly fungi (such as white rot, brown rot and soft rot), they can degrade lignin lignin, pretreatment method of wood fiber to promote subsequent enzyme hydrolysis reaction.

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Wood fiber is a kind of multifunctional additive common wood fiber production process, including cutting, neutralization, bleaching, crushing, screening, the quality of our products to guarantee the quality of service for customers. The wood fiber plays an important role in the development process of powder materials in.

Antisag: to ensure good performance of wood fiber does not appear to fall phenomenon in the construction and operation of the drying process, which makes a thick plaster can be completed once, even in high temperature conditions, the wood fibers also have very good thermal stability.

The wood fiber has strong cross-linking function, it is mixed with other materials immediately lap like a blanket of fiber, the three-dimensional structure of the water or other liquids locked in the meantime, the longer the fiber, the greater the thickening effect. To extend the opening hours: due to the capillary action of fiber structure can be quickly transmitted to the internal water slurry surface and interface, make the slurry system within the uniform distribution of water, can significantly reduce skinning and increase the bonding strength and surface strength is improved obviously, this mechanism is also due to the decrease of tension in the drying process significantly play the role of crack.

"Function" method of wood fiber wood fiber pretreatment in powder materials and other articles CTF-960 cellulose fiber Give you some help, we will approach more about wood fiber pretreatment prepared in the following content, if you do not want to miss our website!

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