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[secret] characteristics of wood fiber analysis of the role of wood fiber in the construction industry

Release date:2016-04-21 Source:

Your understanding of the "analysis" of wood fiber to the building industry of wood fiber characteristics? Changzhou leade new Mstar Technology Ltd today to introduce the content, we hope that through this article, can have a certain understanding and the understanding of wood fiber on the role of the construction industry and so on, the following look together related introduction:

 [secret] wood fiber characteristics analysis of wood fiber to the building industry

The wood fiber, no pollution, non-toxic tasteless, non radioactive, on our health is not what harm. Has good thermal insulation, sound insulation, insulation and ventilation properties, has been widely used in the life. What are the characteristics of wood fiber?

1, the wood fiber has excellent flexibility and dispersion, mixing to form three-dimensional network structure, and strengthen the system support and durability, can improve the system stability, strength, compactness and uniformity. Neutral pH value, can improve the corrosion resistance of the system.

2, has a strong anti freeze and heat capacity, when the temperature reaches 150 DEG C to heat a few days; as high as 200 DEG C to heat dozens of hours when more than 220 DEG C; can also heat for hours. So, can play an important role in high temperature.

3, the pre processed pulp (dry and wet materials) the uniformity of intact stability and reduce the system expansion and contraction of wood, make analysis of construction or preforms greatly improve the precision of the wood fiber characteristics. To create a higher production value.

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We admired the wood fiber is a green environmental protection product, with the pace of social development continues to accelerate, we constantly improve the product requirements of environmental protection. Therefore, in the development of the construction industry, the effect of wood fiber is still very large, we work together to do a simple understanding.

The transmission function of wood fiber moisture to make the slurry surface and the grass-roots level interface adequate hydration, thus improving the uniformity of surface strength, thermal insulation material and the bonding strength and material strength. Become one of the most important additive for building insulation materials added.

Wood fiber in building materials, coatings, insulation mortar, tile adhesives, caulking gypsum, latex paint, paint the relief pattern has the ease water anti cracking, sagging and other functions. The wood fiber has the advantages of better performance, enhanced absorption effect is more obvious and easy to disperse etc..

The above described several points is about "analysis" of wood fiber to the building industry of wood fiber characteristics, believe that the introduction of this article, will also have a new understanding of the future, according to wood fiber on the construction industry can also solve the problems such as the effect of good. Here, we recommend you to learn more about what catgut embedding, do good, how much money, cost, plastic and wood fiber mortar messages such as, I hope to help you!

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