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[knowledge] the effective use of wood fiber, the method of detecting the quality of wood fiber

Release date:2016-04-20 Source:

The effective use of wood fiber? Today Changzhou leade new Mstar Technology Ltd will bring you the "method" quality detection and effective use of wood fiber wood fiber, so that you only know of Front The production equipment of wood fiber, can have more understanding of the industry!

 [methods of quality detection of effective use of wood fiber knowledge] wood fiber.

We admired the wood fiber is a green environmental protection product, with the pace of social development continues to accelerate, we constantly improve the product requirements of environmental protection. Therefore, in the development of the construction industry, the effect of wood fiber is still very large, we work together to do a simple understanding.

The transmission function of wood fiber moisture to make the slurry surface and the grass-roots level interface adequate hydration, thus improving the uniformity of surface strength, thermal insulation material and the bonding strength and material strength. Become one of the most important additive for building insulation materials added.

Wood fiber in building materials, coatings, insulation mortar wood, wood fiber of the effective use of brick adhesives, caulking gypsum, latex paint, paint the relief pattern has the ease water anti cracking, sagging and other functions. The wood fiber has the advantages of better performance, enhanced absorption effect is more obvious and easy to disperse etc..

Many people see : Flame retardant asphalt and small investment returns!

There are several classes of wood fiber including fiber length, density, purity, fiber length from 10um to 2000um. The wood fiber density is about 0.8 - 1.3 g / cm3. Wood fiber is very strong, the fiber surface is also very similar to asbestos, and completely harmless. Quality inspection of wood fiber usually includes the following aspects.

The relative density of wood fiber because the material is light, and the inner part of the water absorbing fiber, dissolved substances, so the determination of relative density when demand by another known relative density of liquid transformation.

PH: quality inspection method of wood fiber impregnated fiber into the oil weighing 5g, not less than 5min, after removing the oil absorbing fiber quality through weighing, puts it into a small spoon made by screen filter, filter aperture is 0.5mm, in a shaking machine on 10min (shake shake 221 times per minute fluctuation 32mm, vibration 147 /min, amplitude 13mm).

Ash content: with residual ash after burning. The 2~3g sample is heated to 590~600 deg.c in less than 2h of the time, check the quality of residue after cooling.

Read the "method" quality detection and effective use of wood fiber wood fiber, has probably understand we believe that for the effective use of wood fiber and other issues, if you want to know Shear steel fiber Which, catgut embedding, do good, how much money, cost, plastic and other related content, please pay attention to the follow-up of our news!

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