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[latest] what are the characteristics of polyester fiber, polyester fiber range of use?

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Use of polyester fiber? Today Changzhou leade new Mstar Technology Ltd will bring you the "use" what are the characteristics of polyester fiber polyester fiber, so that you only know of Front The production equipment of wood fiber, can have more understanding of the industry!

 [new] properties of polyester fiber are used which polyester fiber

Polyester fiber products are becoming more and more diversified, we carried out the new research and development on the basis of the original products. The polyester fiber has high strength, corrosion resistance, good chemical stability, good heat resistance and other advantages, can effectively prevent the cracking of asphalt concrete. The function of the polyester fiber.

A stabilizing effect, because the fiber high temperature stability, can significantly prevent the flow of asphalt in the summer high temperature, high temperature stability of asphalt up to.

The effect of viscosity, improve cohesion, enhance the adhesion of asphalt and mineral material, through the bond film, improve the adhesive force between aggregates.

The function of reinforcement fibers to distribution, overlapping of the mixture to form a network of successive, can effectively overcome the aggregate slip, hinder the crack.

Effect of cracking resistance, because the fiber modulus has high effective functional polyester fiber stress distribution and crack resistance properties of polyester fiber, which can effectively prevent the brittle fracture at low temperature.

Many people see : Spraying with lignin fiber can realize the green environmental protection, you made it?

Polyester fibers can be used to improve the quality of asphalt concrete pavement and prolong the service life of the road, get a good development in the use of road construction. The use of polyester fiber is very extensive, including several aspects of this.

Suitable for stone mastic asphalt (SMA), is also suitable for dense graded asphalt concrete (AC) and (AM) the structure of asphalt macadam;

Dense graded asphalt concrete pavement;

A steel bridge paving asphalt concrete surface layer (Steel Black); used for bridge deck pavement. Cold patch, pouring, along the road;

Airport runway and apron strengthen; thin asphalt concrete surface layer of old asphalt concrete pavement (Bai Hei).

Read "use" what are the characteristics of polyester fiber polyester fiber, we believe that for polyester fiber using a range of issues such as the idea, if you want to know Polyester Which, catgut embedding, do good, how much money, cost, plastic and other related content, please pay attention to the follow-up of our news!

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