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[article] characteristics of wood fiber are introduced. How to make good pretreatment of wood fiber is introduced

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Our company is to provide domestic beautiful wallpaper fiber, embedding, which do good, how much money costs, such as plastic products and services of well-known companies, before also introduce the content of some wood fiber related, today again to learn "characteristics of wood fiber is introduced how to do the pretreatment of wood fiber"

 [article] wood fiber characteristics of wood fiber to pretreatment

The wood fiber, no pollution, non-toxic tasteless, non radioactive, on our health is not what harm. Has good thermal insulation, sound insulation, insulation and ventilation properties, has been widely used in the life. What are the characteristics of wood fiber?

1, the wood fiber has excellent flexibility and dispersion, mixing to form three-dimensional network structure, and strengthen the system support and durability, can improve the system stability, strength, compactness and uniformity. Neutral pH value, can improve the corrosion resistance of the system.

2, has a strong anti freeze and heat capacity, when the temperature reaches 150 DEG C to heat a few days; as high as 200 DEG C to heat dozens of hours when more than 220 DEG C; can also heat for hours. So, can play an important role in high temperature.

3, the pre processed pulp (dry and wet materials) the uniformity of intact stability and reduce the system expansion and contraction characteristics of wood, wood fiber preform or make the construction the precision is improved greatly. To create a higher production value.

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An important feature is the use of renewable wood fiber, we can preprocess the operation, reuse can achieve energy, reduces production cost. The wood fiber pretreatment is a process of transformation, we usually by several methods to achieve.

Chemical method: using various chemical reagents (including water) of lignocellulose pretreatment methods to improve the efficiency of cellulase hydrolysis. At present, the chemical method is still the main method of cellulose pretreatment process.

Physical method: mainly through the method of physical machinery such as milling and grinding and other traditional processing methods to reduce the fineness, increase the surface area, in addition to ultrasonic irradiation pretreatment methods, to change the structure of cellulose, susceptible to cellulase catalytic purpose.

The physical and chemical method: a combination of chemical and physical and mechanical (suddenly bring pressure relief blasting force) effect will destroy the cell wall material structure, improve the fiber fibers of wood fiber and how to do the pretreatment method of hormone.

Biological method: commonly used in lignocellulose pretreatment is mainly conducted in nature that can degrade lignin microorganisms, mainly fungi (such as white rot, brown rot and soft rot), which can effectively promote the enzyme degradation of lignin, the subsequent hydrolysis reaction.

The above is the "characteristics of wood fiber wood fiber introduces how to do all the pretreatment", if there is what do not know where our professional customer service will provide you a detailed answer, we will introduce you to the next Beautiful wallpaper fiber Please pay attention!

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