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Wholesale anti rutting agents, but do not know the amount of anti rutting agents? Let's tell you

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Because the scale of highway construction in China continues to expand, in highway traffic and traffic load, leading to the emergence of a variety of early damage of asphalt pavement, rut problem is the most prominent problem of the asphalt pavement. What should I do? The use of anti rutting agent leade production, you can easily solve. Because it appears to solve the rutting of asphalt pavement damage and provides an effective solution. We produce anti rutting agent as an asphalt admixture, in order not to increase the construction equipment, the incorporation of very mixture can significantly improve the resistance to permanent deformation of asphalt pavement.

But not all manufacturers of anti rutting resistance to permanent deformation are the same, we want to share with you some of the anti rutting agent in the mix design to meet the requirements. At present most of the asphalt mixture in asphalt pavement in China, the proportion of asphalt mixture design, should focus on the volume index of asphalt mixture test to control the use of anti rutting agent generally adopts the "construction technology of dry", directly added in the ordinary asphalt mixture mixing process.

Anti rutting agent

In addition, when it comes to anti rutting agent, we know that many customers wholesale anti rutting agent, but not with the manufacturers to confirm the anti rutting agent, we explain: anti rutting agent can be used for the production of asphalt mixture. Dry construction with mature technology and easy to use, easy to carry advantages of quality control, anti rutting agent general in accordance with the quality of a mixture of 0.2% 0.4%.
The above is the leade to share with you today's content. The anti rutting agent used in highway construction, not only can effectively improve the high temperature performance of asphalt mixture, but also plays a very important role in reducing the occurrence of rutting. If you want to find the anti rutting agent wholesale manufacturers, contact us immediately!

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