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Anti cracking fiber can significantly improve the performance of concrete

Release date:2017-04-06 Source:

Changzhou leade New Material Co., Ltd is a scientific and technological enterprise branch trade and industry development, we specialized in engineering, fiber modified asphalt concrete materials research and production. The crack fiber is one of our main products are very popular with customers. This is because the excellent performance of anti crack fiber, mostly can significantly improve the performance of concrete. We understand the advantages of anti crack fiber together today.

Crack fiber can be widely used to improve the mortar, ordinary concrete and high performance concrete impermeability, crack resistance, but also can significantly improve the wear resistance and workability of concrete frost resistance, fire resistance, impact resistance. Mainly to change the physical properties of the concrete, has good compatibility with cement, coarse aggregate and other additives.

  Crack fiber dispersion, high bond strength, disordered distribution, secondary strengthening, physical reinforcement, anti crack reinforcement, corrosion resistance, alkali resistance, anti rust resistant, non-toxic tasteless, high safety, simple construction, reliable and economical. The performance of fiber reinforced concrete includes workability, flexural strength, compressive strength, splitting strength, impermeability, shrinkage and anti crack performance. All the properties of concrete are not adding fiber and fiber contrast, percentage in the table is the percentage of performance data and performance of adding fiber concrete without fiber concrete.

The advantages of the anti crack fiber we have been very clear, its application can greatly improve the concrete cracking resistance and impermeability, impact resistance and aseismatic ability, prevent and restrain the formation and development of cracks, underground engineering waterproof, industrial and civil engineering roofing, wall, floor, cistern, basement, an important and indispensable material and the roads and bridges in engineering.

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