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Leade polypropylene short fiber anti cracking effect

Release date:2017-04-07 Source:

You are looking for a better anti cracking effect Polypropylene fiber ? We recommend you Polypropylene fiber leade. . If you don't know much about this product, we introduce to you immediately!

In fact, we should not strange for polypropylene staple fiber, they have been widely used in water conservancy and hydropower stations, ports, docks, rivers, water channels, dam spillway, diversion tunnel, embankment reinforcement, slope reinforcement, dam surface repair of concrete pouring and spraying concrete in engineering.

VBO Fiber

We want to introduce professional The advantages of polypropylene staple fiber Polypropylene monofilament fiber bundle, with special surface treatment techniques, to ensure that the fiber dispersion and the cement bond excellent in concrete. Polypropylene fiber can improve the mortar / concrete crack resistance, impermeability, abrasion resistance, frost resistance, anti explosion capacity and improve the workability of concrete is very good. Tens of millions of fibers are uniformly distributed in the mortar / concrete, the micro reinforcement effect is very good, so good to maintain the integrity of the structure, to avoid the destruction of the structure subjected to shock is dispersed into many pieces, to prevent the corrosion of steel in structure, can greatly extend the service life of the project, reduce the maintenance cost.

Then these specific advantages can bring benefits?

1, effectively improve the crack resistance of mortar and concrete.

2, greatly improve the impermeability of concrete.

3, improve the concrete impact resistance and wear resistance.

4, improve the frost resistance of concrete.

5, improve the quality of concrete products, effective products to keep the edge, angle and surface integrity of the reinforced products without corrosion.

In general, lead through the most prominent advantages of short fiber production of poly propylene is the anti cracking effect is good, if you are interested in polypropylene short fiber, call detailed consultation about it!

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