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The strapping tape made of polyester fiber is of great strength

Release date:2017-04-11 Source:

Leade R & D and production of polyester fiber is widely used in various industries, including polyester fiber polyester fiber processed into the pack performance is very good, look at it together!
Polyester packing belt is composed of a plurality of polyester fiber woven. Because it has high technology and performance advantages compared with traditional steel and PP, they can be safe, fast and economical instead of steel tied with bundled and fixed on the goods. Benefit from the bundled with softness and toughness, it can be easily folded and used in special buckle.
So choose packing belt manufacturers very much for wholesale leade of polyester fiber, polyester fiber packing processing with a main advantage lies in:
1. strength
Polyester fiber with steel can replace it with a lot of advantages over the use of steel. Fiber tape can absorb vibration during transportation, so as to ensure the goods with superior impact resistance in the long-distance transportation. In the continuous fiber with cleft cases than steel strapping absorbs the impact energy more.
2. suitable temperature and climate

Fiber tape will not rust, and high temperature (working in 140-2000C). So the fiber belt is not affected by the environment.


3. safety
With the same length of fiber than steel and lightweight, easy to operate. Fiber tape from customers and users welcome, because it will not pull. The use of steel strip package, often scratching workers.
4. environmental protection
As most of the fiber with plastic recycling. Easy to use, does not occupy the place.
5. high efficiency
With the use of efficiency is much higher than that of steel fiber, and less waste. The use of fiber with no storage capacity and security factor.

This is a polyester fiber packing belt advantage to produce more high-quality polyester packing belt is sure to find a professional manufacturer of polyester fiber, leade is a good choice oh, there is a need, please call 0519-88816742!

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