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In fact, PVA fiber is what we usually call vinylon

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PVA fiber is one of the commonly used engineering fiber polyvinyl alcohol fiber production countries in the world have China, Japan, Korea, Russia etc.. When it comes to PVA fiber, may have some friends very strange, in fact, PVA fiber we sell is usually said vinylon. Today, leade to introduce this product to facilitate the purchase.
The performance of the first to talk about the PVA fiber. With the properties of vinylon cotton are quite similar, called synthetic cotton. The strength and wear resistance is better than that of cotton. It is blended with cotton fabric (1:1) than the pure cotton fabric durability high 0.5 ~ 1 times. Good moisture absorption, moisture regain in standard condition ranged from 4.5 to 5%; the proportion of (1.26 ~ 1.30) than cotton, low thermal conductivity, good heat insulating ability; corrosion resistance and good resistance to sunlight, not dissolved in general organic acids, alcohols, esters and petroleum solvents; not easy to mildew and moth a long time, placed in the sea, buried underground or long time in sunlight exposure intensity losses are not.

Of course, there are also some disadvantages of vinylon, mainly water resistance is poor, in the wet state of 110 to 115 DEG C when the deformation and shrinkage obviously, boiled in water for 3 to 4 hours, the fabric deformation and partial dissolution obviously; poor elasticity, easy to wrinkle in the process of wearing; dyeing is poor, color is not bright mechanical properties; high temperature low, limit its application in the automobile tire cord.

Polyvinyl alcohol fiber

Then, with the areas in which the PVA fiber can? A large number of viscose staple fiber with viscose fiber and cotton blended, or blended with other fibers or pure spinning, making - coat and shirt, cotton wool trousers, sweaters and knitted fabrics. Vinylon for made of canvas and rope because of high strength, light weight, friction resistance, resistance to sunlight, which has a wide range of uses; vinylon but also because of the impact strength and corrosion resistance to seawater, suitable for making various types of fishing nets; stability due to various chemicals of vinylon is good, can be used for manufacturing or service work as a variety of packaging materials and filter materials.
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