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Wood fiber is suitable for improving and optimizing the performance of building materials

Release date:2017-04-24 Source:

        Wood fiber is one of the company's main product, its application range is very wide, the most important is To improve and optimize the performance of building materials, building materials to give new features and functions, and improve the production stability and construction workability. The operation performance of the structure and characteristics of wood fiber material is improved and easy performance, anti slip performance, speed up the construction of wood fiber; dimensional stability and good thermal stability, so the insulation material has good thermal insulation effect; wood fiber moisture transmission function, make the slurry surface and the grass-roots water interface the reaction is sufficient, so as to improve the uniformity of surface strength of insulation materials and basic bond strength and material strength. More than so many properties of the wood fiber become an indispensable additive in thermal insulation materials. Leade here for everyone to introduce specific The performance characteristics of wood fiber, help you better use.
1, natural fiber, from the physiological and toxic perspective is harmless: inert and green materials.
        2, insoluble in water and solvent, is not soluble in weak acid and alkaline solution: a neutral pH system can improve the corrosion resistance.
3, by weight, specific surface area, excellent heat insulation, sound insulation, insulation and ventilation performance.

        4, with excellent softness and dispersion, mixing to form three-dimensional network structure, and strengthen the system support and durability, can improve the system stability, strength, compactness and uniformity.

Wood fiber mortar

5, the structure of viscous fiber, preform processing precision is greatly improved good.
        6, the effectiveness of capillary fiber drying process and has uniform and thorough, air permeability, moisture retention.
7, in the coating can improve flow, low density and low density brush dripping, hanging, breathable, soft light, heat insulation, sound insulation, thermal expansion uniformity of shell cracking, wet film and higher strength and covering effect.

        8, has a strong anti freeze and heat capacity, when the temperature reaches 150 DEG C to heat a few days, when the temperature reaches 200 DEG C to heat, dozens of hours when the temperature exceeds 220 DEG C can also heat for hours.

To understand the performance of wood fiber special for everyone to use help oh!

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