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How is the use of road polyester fiber performed?

Release date:2017-05-10 Source:

In addition to ordinary polymer fibers as polyester fiber has the same characteristics of high strength, fineness, easy to disperse, also has the very outstanding high temperature performance, thus improving crack resistance can be widely used in hot mix asphalt concrete, high strength concrete engineering. Road with polyester fiber is how the performance in the use of road construction? Continue to look down!
1, the protection of stone bridge reinforcement or steel from corrosion;
2, the thin asphalt asphalt pavement overlay, the old asphalt cover layer;

3, steel structure bridge paving asphalt road surface layer soil restoration and repair stone building, and the construction of new asphalt pavement;

Road with polyester fiber

4, strengthen the airport runway and apron;
5, the old cement concrete pavement overlay, coating, pouring and curb;
6, improve the water stability and water stability of asphalt pavement is asphalt pavement in the presence of water, undergo repeated traffic load and the temperature.

Polyester fiber can improve the road quality, prolong the service life of roads, improve the asphalt adhesion, high stability and fatigue durability of asphalt concrete, improve flexibility, spalling resistance, abrasion resistance and water stability, so the most common areas for expressway. If you are on my company production of polyester fiber used in road interested, please call us at 0519-88816742!

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