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Share with you the precautions for asphalt flame retardants

Release date:2017-05-19 Source:

AMP high performance asphalt flame retardant leade production using a variety of efficient flame retardant and smoke suppressant together to solve the addition amount of flame retardant asphalt asphalt flame retardant reached less to ensure the asphalt pavement performance is not affected by. In order to let everyone play a better performance of asphalt flame retardant, we share with you some asphalt flame retardant precautions.
First of all, to see Flame retardant asphalt Usage method:
1, recommended dosage for about 10% according to the dosage of asphalt, asphalt flame retardant oxygen index and process amount can be adjusted in a timely manner.
2, can be directly added to the hot melt asphalt flame retardant asphalt mixing, ensure that more than 20 minutes.

3, can be directly added to the flame retardant asphalt mixing tank and stone and other building materials mixed evenly.

Flame retardant asphalt

Then, use the What are the flame retardant asphalt Note?
1, moisture-proof, anti breaking, drying, anti riot hook.
2, the use of the process, such as accidentally into eyes, please rinse with fresh water, and immediate medical treatment.
3, packaging and storage: 25kg/ bag, the normal storage conditions for a period of 12 months.

The above is today we want to share with you the content, in use There do not understand where the asphalt flame retardant process, please call our service!

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