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[pictures] polypropylene fiber, functional polypropylene fiber, performance characteristics

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Changzhou leade new Mstar Technology Ltd is a professional wood fiber and polypropylene fiber bundle is hinged, in the article we know the manufacturer of wood fiber, today we explain the function of polypropylene fiber polypropylene fiber characteristics;

 [picture] function characteristics of polypropylene fiber polypropylene fiber

1: it can be used to improve the uniformity of concrete;

2: it can also be used to enhance the performance of refractory concrete;

3: in the concrete with polypropylene fiber can improve the crushing force of it and its toughness;

4: it also has positive effect on the impact resistance and wear resistance;

5: then it can effectively improve the freezing resistance of concrete;

6: of course can also improve the quality of products of polypropylene fiber, polypropylene fiber function so it can be made from either the outside or inside look very good.

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A lightweight polypropylene fiber density is 0.90-0.92 g/cm3, in all the chemical fiber is the lightest, than nylon 20% lighter than 30% lighter than polyester, viscose fiber, light 40%, so it is suitable for winter clothing wadding packing or ski suit, mountaineering fabric etc..

Two: high strength, good elasticity, abrasion resistance, corrosion resistance

High strength polypropylene (dry and wet under the same), is an ideal material for manufacturing, cable nets; wear resistance and good elasticity, strength is similar with polyester and nylon, the rebound rate comparable with nylon, wool, polyester and viscose fiber than the much larger size stability; polypropylene, pilling and deformation, anti microbial, not boring; chemical resistance is better than the general fiber.

Three: has electrical insulation and warmth

Polypropylene fiber with high resistivity (7 x 1019.Cm), small thermal conductivity, compared with other chemical fiber, polypropylene electrical insulation and heat preservation is best, but the processing is easy to produce static electricity.

Four: heat resistance and aging resistance performance is poor

The low melting point of polypropylene fiber (165~173 C), the stability of light and heat, so polypropylene heat resistance and resistance to aging poor, no ironing. But by adding anti ageing agent to improve its anti aging performance in spinning.

Five: the hygroscopicity and poor dyeability

Hygroscopicity and dyeing properties of polypropylene fiber is the worst in chemical fibers, almost no moisture absorption, the moisture regain is less than 0.03%. Fine denier polypropylene fiber has strong wicking effect, water vapor can be excluded by the capillary fiber. Made of clothing, clothing comfort is better, especially the superfine polypropylene fiber, because the surface area increases, can quickly transfer the sweat, make the skin feel comfortable. Due to the fiber moisture and small shrinkage, polypropylene fabric has the characteristics of easy washing drying.

The dyeing properties of polypropylene is poor, pale, poor color fastness. Ordinary fuel cannot make the dyeing, colored polypropylene is used most precoloration production. The dope dyed fiber modification, mixed fuel, complexing agent in the melt spinning before mixing.

Above is the introduction of characteristics of polypropylene fiber properties of polypropylene fiber function, if you want to know about Polypropylene fiber bundle is hinged And, the wood fiber manufacturers and other information, we can focus on the latest information;

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