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Cellulose fiber

Cellulose fiber
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Detailed introduction

Robust licensing cellulose fiber short fiber is a high strength fine denier, extracted from special plant, hydrophilic natural, in the concrete and cement hydrates has good affinity, can form a better and concrete bond. Because of the short fiber filament diameter and has the characteristics of small, so in the unit volume distribution of greater volume, improve the crack resistance of concrete.
Strong brand of cellulose fiber is easily dispersed in the concrete, fiber will not disperse again after the reunion. Adding strength of cellulose fiber on concrete workability has no effect, reduce the disease in one fell swoop polypropylene fiber concrete slump is solved, which is convenient for users to use of fiber reinforced concrete. The micro cracks of the fiber products in addition to the control of concrete plastic shrinkage, dry shrinkage, temperature changes and other factors, to prevent and suppress the crack formation and development, greatly improve the advantages of concrete impermeability, freeze-thaw resistance of ordinary fiber and cement, also has a strong affinity, promote cement hydration, reduce the concrete bleeding and other special properties of high performance concrete, is a super partner.

Robust licensing mechanism of cellulose fiber:
Strong brand cellulose fiber contains a unique cavity, can early in the water storage part of the free water, delay the hydration heat peak, reduce the temperature gradient, reduce water evaporation, thus greatly reducing the risk of early concrete due to temperature shrinkage and other shrinkage and cracking. With the continuous consumption of cement hydration water, concrete tends to dry, low humidity, promote free water in the cavity fiber release, promote cement hydration, play the role of "maintenance" role in the concrete, the porosity of concrete is reduced greatly, improve the compactness of concrete, and the corrosion resistance of chloride ion, sulfate resistance. The ability of anti carbonation durability increased significantly.

  Robust licensing cellulose fiber physical properties

The proportion of (g/cm3)

One point one zero

The average length (mm)

Two point one

Nominal diameter (m)


The specific surface area (cm2/g)

Twenty-five thousand

Daniel (g/9000m)

Two point five

Tensile strength (Mpa)


Fiber spacing (m) (volume 0.9kg/m3)

Six hundred and sixty

The elastic modulus (GPa)

Eight point five

The number of fibers per cubic concrete (root billion)

(volume 0.9kg/m3)




The main function of strengthening brand cellulose fiber:

To improve the crack resistance of concrete

Greatly improve the workability of fresh fiber

Improve the durability of concrete

To improve the mechanical properties of concrete

Concrete surface decoration effect perfect

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