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Detailed product

End hook steel fiber

End hook steel fiber
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Detailed introduction

LT series of steel fiber
A, product introduction
Steel fiber is a kind of special cement concrete reinforcing and toughening composite stiffened structure. According to the manufacturing process can be divided into: high strength cold drawn steel wire steel fiber (cutting steel wire), cutting steel fiber (steel sheet, strip shearing), milling steel fiber (steel or steel ingot cutting), molten steel fiber pumping (with molten steel drawing); according to the material can be divided into: carbon steel fiber (tensile strength in general, stainless steel fiber (300~2500MPa) according to the material such as Q304310330430446 and other metal (aluminum) fiber fiber, copper fiber, fiber and titanium alloy fiber).

The company mainly include: steel fiber type corrugated type, shear type, milling high-strength steel wire cut end hook type etc..

Two, technical parameters



(diameter Mm )

The length ( Mm )

The tensile strength ( MP a )

Texture of material

shear Ripple type



Twenty-eight ~ Six Zero

More than 600

Q195 /Q235

Milling type




More than Six 00

Q235/ Low alloy

Cold drawing End hook type



Twenty-five ~60

More than 1100


Note: the implementation of standards: "YB/T151-1999", "steel fiber concrete with steel fiber reinforced concrete JG/T3064-1999", "JT/T524-2004" highway cement concrete fiber material.

Three, application
The steel fiber concrete is widely used in manhole cover, precast slab, bridge deck pavement and expansion joints, construction, highway, airport runway, nuclear power station, tunnel, station, port and dock engineering.

Four, method of use, packing and the matters needing attention

1, volume: Volume 0.5-2%, 30~120kg/m3 (or according to the actual situation of adding);

2, material: steel fiber reinforced concrete shall be used in sea water, sea sand, no chlorine salt doped;

3, mixing work of steel fiber reinforced concrete can be reference for similar project required for ordinary concrete slump to determine appropriate to extend the mixing time, to ensure the uniform dispersion of steel fiber;

4, maintenance: join the construction and maintenance process of concrete fiber with fiber concrete is exactly the same;

5, the use of safety: proper attention to labor protection, prevent the stabbing and splashing into the eyes;

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