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PVA fiber

PVA fiber
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Detailed introduction

Polyvinyl alcohol fiber

(concrete or mortar) special PVA My company recently developed fiber is an ideal environment-friendly cement successful reinforced material, because of its unique molecular structure, has good performance of affinity with cement, alkali resistance and good weatherability. In the cement concrete ( Or mortar ) In addition PVA Fiber, can effectively control the concrete ( Or mortar ) The crack caused by plastic shrinkage and temperature changes and other factors, to prevent and suppress the crack formation and development, improve the impact strength and flexural strength of concrete and crack resistance, impermeability, impact resistance and effectively improve the seismic capacity of concrete. Can be widely used in the reinforcement of industrial and civil building wall, roof, floor and roads, bridges, tunnels, slope.
At present, in the concrete engineering crack, more commonly used reinforced fiber material steel fiber, glass fiber, polypropylene fiber and asbestos, due to comprehensive comparison. PVA The unique properties of the fiber, has a broad development prospect in the field of application of engineering and construction.
First, quality index
surface One

fiber diameter

2.0dtex + 0.2 ( 15 m+3 )

tensile strength More than

11cN/dtex ( 1200MPa )

The young's modulus More than

290cN/dtex ( 35GPa )

Elongation of


Water resistance More than

98 C

Dry heat softening point More than

216 C


Six (also can be produced according to user requirements)

Two, the main thoroughfare
Large volume concrete pouring, such as pier, beam, column, floor slab of high-rise building conversion.
Industrial and civil construction of the roof, basement, wall plastering mortar.
The road, road, bridge and guardrail.
, dams, water pool, parking lot, stadium and other concrete pouring.
Making concrete, plate and tube.
, mine, tunnel, culvert, slope surface sprayed concrete.
Coastal zone, saline, and chemical corrosion places.
Instead of making asbestos, asbestos cement products.
And making light wallboard, GRC Board, insulation board and other building materials.
Three, characteristics
Safe and reliable, non-toxic and harmless to the environment and construction personnel, no harm.
With cement and good affinity, strong holding force.
Good dispersion, no adhesion, easy to disperse.
The construction is simple, cost-effective.
Four, method of use
One According to the design, adding concrete volume and each mixing amount of fiber, accurate weighing;
Sand stone, prepared after joining the fiber, and then aggregate together with the fiber together with the mixer, mixing with water (also the first fiber into water to be stirred and dispersed after adding from the mixer and aggregate mix).  
After the completion of random sampling, mixing, such as fiber has dispersed into monofilament, concrete can be put into use, if there is still a bundle is extended mixing time 30-60 Second, you can use.
Adding fiber concrete with ordinary concrete construction and maintenance process of the same.
Product volume  
In general, slurry or mortar and fiber reinforced cement slab, tile, adding amount range 0.6-1kg/m Three , The usual dose is 0.6kg/m Three Concrete, adding amount range; 0.6-1.9kg/m Three The usual dose is Zero 9kg/m Three .

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