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Polyacrylonitrile fiber

Polyacrylonitrile fiber
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Detailed introduction

Polyacrylonitrile fiber Introduction:

Strong brand XDJ polyacrylonitrile fiber, is a kind of special cement concrete material reinforced with fiber Changzhou leade new Mstar Technology Ltd alone development, as the concrete reinforcement materials, polyacrylonitrile fiber can obviously improve the toughness and impact resistance of concrete can improve the crack resistance of concrete, the frost resistance and impermeability etc. durability. Great effect and application prospect of polyacrylonitrile fiber in concrete has been more and more recognized and accepted by the engineering community.

The technical parameters of polyacrylonitrile fiber


2005 series of fiber technology parameters

Fiber grade / technical index


The size (dtex)

1.5 1.5

Nominal diameter (m)

12.7 12.7

The length (mm)


Fiber material

Pan Pan Pan

The proportion of (103 kg/m 3)

1.18 1.18 1.18

Tensile strength (Mpa)

500 ~ 600500 ~ 600700 ~ 900

The elastic modulus (Gpa)

7--9 7--9 10--20

elongation at break

20 ~ 2620 ~ 2610 ~ 13

The number of fibers (billion root / kg)

115.7 5.6

Recommended dosage (kg/m Three )

0.8 - 1.1 0.8 - 1.1 0.5 - 0.8

The advantages of polyacrylonitrile fiber
Have good dispersion
Polar nitrile containing molecules of polyacrylonitrile (CN) fiber, which has excellent hydrophilicity, so in the normal mixing time, the strength of 2005 fibers can be very evenly distributed in cement mortar and concrete.
The grip is strong
Section 2005 for Cashew shaped fiber strength, compared with the circular section of cement-based materials with larger contact area, and rough surface with a special treatment, the strength of 2005 fibers and cement-based materials have good bonding strength.
The number of fibers
The length of polyacrylonitrile fiber 6mm per kg 1 billion 100 million.
The light fastness, good weatherability
In addition to fluorine-containing fiber all natural and synthetic fibers in the best fiber, ensure the long-term effectiveness of fiber is very good.

Effect of polyacrylonitrile fiber
- - to improve the crack resistance of concrete to improve the impermeability of concrete.
Can improve the concrete frost resistance can improve the impact resistance of concrete
To improve the anti - - shrinkage of concrete to improve fatigue resistance of concrete
- improve the flexural strength of concrete can improve the wear resistance of concrete

Application of polyacrylonitrile fiber
The water conservancy project: port, deepwater wharf, dam, rockfill, spillway, spillway, diversion channel and other engineering facilities;
Underground engineering: subway tunnel lining, anchor concrete etc.;
The cement concrete pavement of airport pavement, road, bridge, pier caps, etc.;
Architectural Engineering: basement, transfer beam, floor, wall insulation mortar, putty etc.;
- concrete components: precast slab, cement pipe, wire rod, pile head and concrete cover etc.;
The auxiliary facilities: Highway anti-collision safety retaining wall, impact baffle, machinery and equipment base;
The other aspect of the application of refractory reinforced materials, repair materials, lightweight components added material, sedimentation tank, water pool, swimming pool, sewage treatment pond.

The recommended dosage of polyacrylonitrile fiber
This general per cubic meter of mortar and concrete fiber content is 0.5kg/m 3 ~ 1 kg/m Three ;
Only according to the change of sand, stone, cement and anti crack engineering requirements, may be appropriate to adjust the fiber content, the highest is 1.5kg/m Three ;
When different aggregate gradation of the mixing effect is very large, so as far as possible to choose excellent gradation.

Add the recommended amount of polyacrylonitrile fiber
Use amount of parts
Crack resistance and seepage dam panel, beam, pier column, industrial floor, wall and floor, pool, spray anchor support; 0.5-1.0kg/m Three
Abrasion resistance and impact resistance, dam spillway, airport pavement, bridge deck pavement, bulletproof plate, impact baffle; 0.8-1.5kg/m Three

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